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 Baby Uro not eating!!

Hello everyone.

I fell in love with uros and began doing a lot of research on them, but I’m still new to the reptile world! I just bought a 6 month old uro. He’s about 4 inches long and seems to be rather healthy. I bought him about 4 days ago from a reptile store that had him in Calcium sand (which I’ve read EVERYWHERE is terrible for them). I immediately became a paranoid parent and swore he had impaction problems. He finally defecated once yesterday but it wasn’t much. He also has not eaten a thing since I got him. I’ve been trying to put a variety in his cage (bok choy, turnip greens, spring mix) but he’s still not eating. He just hides all day on his basking side. I don’t know whether to be worried, or if he’s just stressed out. Can anyone help?

I currently have him in a 30 gallon tank (while waiting for custom tank to be made) and he’s just on paper towels until he gets a little bigger. I talked to a few pet stores that said cypress mulch is the best for uros. I also have just a basking rock/hide on the basking side that’s running about 115-120 degrees and a hide on the darker side that runs about 85.

If anyone could help me understand more about what I can do to help my little guy, that would be great.

05/24/15  09:37pm

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