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 PLEASE HELP new to uros!!

I just got my first uro about 2 or 3 weeks ago at a show, i am not sure what breed he is the guy who sold him to me said he was a yellow Uromastyx but i don’t think that is a breed? and i am not sure how old he is but still a juvenile. when i first brought him home i had him in about a 10/15 gallon tank and i have read/been told he needs a bigger one so i went out today and got a 40 gallon breeder 36"X18"X16"and know i am having a hard time keeping the tank at around 100. i am using terrarium liner for substrate. Anyway i have been going crazy all day looking up what kind of lighting/heating i need and what watts i need to keep the 40 gallon warm enough for him right now all i am using is a 100w Nocturnal infrared heat lamp and a 75w intense basking spot lamp and that is from what i was using in the smaller tank and it was keeping the temp up around 110 115. But i have been doing some looking around on the internet and have been getting all confused what kind of lighting is good to use. and i cant seem to get any of my pictures to post but as soon as i can i will post some because i would like to know what kind of breed he is.

03/30/15  01:38am


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  Message To: Jesse412   In reference to Message Id: 2312934

 PLEASE HELP new to uros!!

Turn off the infrared night light...upper the wattage for the day time basking bulb or get two bulbs and some people cover half or 1/3 of the lid to keep the temps and humidity up. Also give a basking spot...get a piece of slate tile or nicely size rock and put under the light on the warm side but get eith a temp gun or probe digital theremeter.

04/01/15  09:55am


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2312971

 PLEASE HELP new to uros!!

I suggest that you go to the link I have provided here for Deer Fern Farms. The owner, Douglas Dix, breeds a lot of Uromastyx. He has a very good care sheet that will give you all the information you will need. He also sells supplements, etc. to maintain good health.
I also agree that covering up a portion of the top of the cage to raise temps. I like to use aluminum foil. I cover as much of the top as it takes to raise the temps to the appropriate levels. Good luck.

04/03/15  09:31pm

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