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 Uromastyx hasn’t Shed in 7 Months

Hello, I have a Saharan uromastyx. He’s still fairly young and small; Around a little over a year old and about 6 inches long. I bought him from a pet store at the end of July, well now it’s March and he still hasn’t shed his skin.

I keep him in a 40 gallon breeder with a 10.0 reptisun UVB strip lamp, a basking temperature at 110-125 degrees, a temperature of 80-90 on the cool side of the tank, and humidity levels ranging from 10-30% depending on my room temp. but I’m going to buy a dehumidifier this summer.
I feed him Spring Mix lettuces as a staple diet and often include dandelion, collard greens, carrot, lentils, and pumpkin seeds. I am going to try to expand his diet in the summer. I do have a calcium powder I put on his food every 3 days.

So because I bought him at the end of July, I haven’t had much summertime with him yet and I was thinking maybe that’s why he hasn’t shed but yesterday I was talking to someone with uromastyxs and his shed almost once a month...

He’s also been brumating (sp?) since winter staretd. He’ll sleep for 1-5 days and then come out to eat and act normal, then he’ll go back to sleep for another few days.

Idk, I’m hoping he’s okay. If it makes any difference I’ll just add, he was mainly being fed crickets at the pet store he was kept at for 5 or so months, which I’m pretty disappointed about and I’m hoping that didn’t do any damage to him. Otherwise, that’s pretty much it.

Thanks in advance!

03/29/15  10:22am


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 Uromastyx hasn’t Shed in 7 Months

I have had many Uromastyx over several years and even the ones that I have raised from hatchlings have not shed very frequently. From your description it sounds like you are doing a good job of taking care of him. If he has good body weight, is active (except when bromating) and alert, I wouldn’t worry about him not shedding.

03/29/15  05:48pm

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