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Joe Kahn   Takahiro111  

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Joe Kahn
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 Breeding Malis

I have bred many species of reptiles over the years, but I am new to Uros. I keep my pair in separate enclosures. When I put the male into the females cage, he does the dance, and tries to mount the female. She flips on her back to let him know she is not ready. At this point, I remove him. My question is: should I leave him in longer, or keep trying to introduce him a different day? Any help would be appreciated.

02/12/15  04:30pm


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  Message To: Joe Kahn   In reference to Message Id: 2312296

 Breeding Malis

I’ve only bred my water dragons and the female would run,whip him and wave her hand and I’m thinking she was pissed off and wasn’t ready so I waited a month or two and she began to kinda simmer down but uros are different I never attemted to breed my mali so I’ll say just try another day so she won’t get stressed.

02/12/15  10:57pm

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