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 Saharan uro humidity too high?

Normally Icarus’s enclosure doesn’t go above 35% humidity at night at the highest and his average humidity is more around 15-25%. This is helped along by the fact that we live in Florida and have the a/c on almost constantly. This past week the weather has been beautiful though, with temps hanging around the low 60’s so we haven’t been running the air or the heater and have just had the windows open for ventilation. Because of this the humidity in Icarus’s enclosure has jumped up to 47% humidity. With the window open and ceiling fan on during the day I can get it down to about 44%, but I’m starting to get worried that the humidity has been too high for too long. I don’t want him to get sick. His behavior hasn’t changed, but I know they’re really prone to RIs so I don’t like the environment not being right. Most things I’ve read just say to get a dehumidifier, but by the time I get one that will work in the room it will have been another week at least (room is big with cathedral ceiling so it would be a special order and close to $1000). Any suggestions on how to lower the humidity without a dehumidifier? The enclosure is a NatGeo 36"x18"x18" with glass sides and a mesh top with 1/3 of one of the short sides also being mesh. There’s no water in the tank except for what little is on his greens when he gets fed in the morning, and the bottom of the enclosure is reptile carpet, so I don’t think that’s holding much moisture.

01/18/15  12:55pm


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  Message To: Silvermarmot   In reference to Message Id: 2311951

 Saharan uro humidity too high?

I live in Southern California and have an average humidity of 50-60%. I have four ornates that are doing great even with the higher humidity. I think the humidity issue is a concern for new imports, manly adults, that are not acclimated to the higher humidity. Imported babies and US CB Uros acclimate to the humidity quit well. This is one reason to buy US CB uros.

01/21/15  12:39pm


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  Message To: New2uros   In reference to Message Id: 2311981

 Saharan uro humidity too high?

I don’t think you should be worried but watch your ornate. I have a Saharan Uro but his humidity never goes above 15.

04/22/15  11:28am

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