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Ashuro   CilantroThough  

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 Glass Dancing

I have two 1 year old ornate uros. On a daily basis they are running around full of energy trying to climb up the sides of their enclosure, which is glass. My temps are 112 basking zone, and 70-80 in the cooler side of the tank. Night temps drop to about 70. The glass dancing only happens for several hours around mid day. I have looked all over the net and I am completely confused why they keep doing this. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. thanks

11/28/14  04:41pm


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 Glass Dancing

112 is a little low, I like to keep mine at around 120-135 on the basking side. For the "glass dancing", it’s normal when they are young because they could be in heat(horny), or imagine being stuck in a box 24/7. One way that I heard helps with preventing them from "glass dancing" is to wrap the outside of your tank with newspaper.

12/03/14  12:58am

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