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 Change in eating habits?

I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks that my Saharan Icarus isn’t really eating his greens. Last week was dandelion and this week is a spring mix. He’ll eat a couple pieces of greens and then pick through for his shredded summer squash (which he eats almost all of) and then he moves to his seed bowl (weekly rotation of red lentils, white millet, and parakeet mix) where he’s eating more seed than usual. His behavior and temperament seem fine. I don’t know if this is a seasonal thing since this is my first summer/fall transition with him. I’m just wondering if his new eating habits are providing him with the nutrients he needs or if I should be upping the number of days he gets calcium and reptivite (Monday/Wednesday/Saturday on calcium spray and Tuesday/Friday on the reptivite powder)?

Habitat and light details and such haven’t changed since my last post. Which is still on the front page if anyone wants to know, I’m just posting from my phone and it’s a lot to type again. My main concern is that he’s eating things in the right balance to metabolize correctly because we had a beardie die from a seizure related to him not metabolizing right and building up magnesium (vets best guess there, no necropsy was done)...and I don’t want something like that happening to my Icarus too.

09/06/14  09:44am

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