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 New Uro Habitat Temperature problems


I purchased a Nigerian Uromastyx this past weekend I also bought a EXO-Terra large terrarium for him the dimensions are 36x18x14. I am having some issues getting his basking spot up to 120 because of the size of the cage. I started with a single 100 watt ReptiSun UVB halogen and it was only getting to 100 degrees in his basking spot. I returned the bulb and fixture and got a single Reptisun 160 Watt UVB and now it is 114 in his basking spot but the ambient temp in the cage on the other side is only 76 degrees and the humidity is high. I’m wondering if returning the 160 Watt and getting 2 100 Watts might help with the problem. I don’t want to fry my little guy buy having to much UVB but I want the temps to be right so he will be more active.

Any suggestions would be welcome

07/02/14  07:25am

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