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 New Uro Owner Needs Help!

Hello! I live in Canada and this is my first lizard. I am in a state of some confusion as the "lizard expert" at the local Pet Land gave me information for the care of my Uro that is completely conflicting to the information I have seen repeated over and over on care sheet websites. Thus, I really need some help straightening out what I should do, and quickly, to make him happy!

Firstly, I was told he is an iguana. He LOOKS exactly like a Uro, however, I have not seen any with his markings in pictures (almost diamon-like pattering over his body, his main tone is a sandy brown but he definitely has the proper spiked tail. I was told he is less than a year old. He is about 5 to 6 inches in length.

So. Substrate? I was told to use coconut husk/coir - I have read everywhere to used washed play sand instead.
Enclosure size and type - I was told to and bought a 20L X 10W X 12H. However, I see that this is WAY too small.
Also, they told me to use a daytime "blue glass" 50 watt bulb, but the bottom center of the enclosure between the basking spot and his hiding place is only 22 degrees C (70 deg F). There is also a black light/night heat bulb that makes the area above his hiding place where he sleeps 20 degrees (68 F). I think this is way too cold?
Lastly, I was told he eats only crickets, meal worms, silk worms and big glow worms when he is fully grown, but I keep reading they eat lettuce-like greens and veggies!? I have only had him for 3 days, but am really concerned. He has eaten the crickets I have dusted with calcium and placed in his enclosure so he isn’t starving. There is also a water bowl, and humidity is about 30% in the enclosure.

I really need a very basic "do THIS not THAT" to get him started off. Please help!

06/29/14  12:51pm


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  Message To: Drachenblut   In reference to Message Id: 2306433

 New Uro Owner Needs Help!

The main concern i have, is that if the pet store thought it was an iguana and it’s NOT, and they were caring for it like an iguana, then that is a big big big problem. And all of the care you have there is for an iguana.

I would need a picture of your animal before i can say for certain what it is.

It could be a spiny tailed iguana?

07/01/14  11:19pm


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  Message To: Cassandra1248   In reference to Message Id: 2306544

 New Uro Owner Needs Help!

Does your "Uro" look something like this? This is an iguana with a spiked tail. Looks nothing like a the 6 foot green Iguanas most people are used to seeing.

07/05/14  10:15pm

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