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 New Owner Mistake?

I just got my first Nig. uromastyx on Friday (6/20), his age is unknown but i believe that he is a teenager. he name is Hephaestus. The tank he has is 36X16X16. Please i know that this might seem small to some but i cant change his tank size right now. Hopefully in the future.

His basking side reaches between 120-130, the warm averages, 90-95 and the cold side of the tank is average at 83. I measure using a temp. gun, I am using a UVB light and its roughly 12 in. from Hephaestus.

He eats, and enjoys Lima beans, green beans, water melon, carrots, linets, both sweet and non sweet peas, and corn. I dont use any supplements, my sister has raised 6 lizards without it and thus has told me not to use it because as long as the diet is ok, then you wont need supplements.

Right now he only has the lizard carpet on the bottom of the tank because i am worried and confused about using play sand or bird seed?

The main issue though is that today i had to take Hephaestus hiding spot away from him because he pooped all over it. When i came back to put the cave/hiding spot back, his back was turned to me, making the "s" body wave. i knew that it was a defensive body moment so i stopped in place. I waited till he stopped to move closer and stopped when he did the body roll again. I repeated this over and over till i could put the cave back into the tank. The entire time i spoke in soft tones so he could be aware of where i was at. (Talking seemed to work on my sisters lizards when they were scarred. )

I want to know if i made a mistake by removing the cave so i could clean it? Also should i cover the sides of the tank? (im reading mixed views on that). The breeder i got him from said not too, while online sites said that’s its a must. I also want to know why his personality changed from when i saw him at the breeders house and now in my house?

06/23/14  11:12pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: OrangePen15   In reference to Message Id: 2306028

 New Owner Mistake?

honestly, i wouldnt clean it each time, i would spot clean but thats it, like just pick up the turd itself, and the food left over, but you could do that at the end of the day .
of course he is gonna do the s body move, he probably isint used to you or any people for that matter.

06/29/14  03:22am


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  Message To: OrangePen15   In reference to Message Id: 2306028

 New Owner Mistake?

They usually take about 3 days or more to settle into new spaces, where they should be left alone to accommodate to a new tank and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. With cleaning out of his cave, the only place he could really hide in, he felt exposed and cornered so he popped into a defensive stance. If you clean out his cave, just pop something clean in there that he can hide it.
Your guy probably just got nervous. Just let him do his thing for a week or so, throw some food in there and spot clean the poop and bowls.

07/01/14  11:03pm


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  Message To: Cassandra1248   In reference to Message Id: 2306542

 New Owner Mistake?

Use the bird seed. Not good if it doesn’t eat its veggies and is eating the seed instead. if it does that take it away. I’ve never used plays sand but I’ve heard good reviews. URos like to burrow so have something the can burrow. The reptile carpets aren,t great for URos because they can’t burrow and there claws could get caught. Also try excavator clay my Saharan Uro loves it.

04/22/15  11:36am

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