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 New Uro - few questions!

We have had the uro for about 2 weeks, he lives alone in a 30x12x12ish tank (20 gallon long) temporarily until we can build our own. He is a Mali, fully grown, 4 years according to the pet store employees, previously owned, I would estimate about 9 inches, but since he is new I have been trying to let him adjust without bothering him too much so I haven’t weighed or measured officially yet. His basking spot is usually about 115, his cool end is around 82, humidity bounces between 10 and 20 usually, though it goes up to around 30 occasionally, like when his food is put in. Night time temperatures drop to minimum 71, usually closer to 79.

We are using a ZooMed 10.0 UVB bulb, only a few days older than the uro has been here, and it is sitting on the screen which is just over 12 inches from the bottom of the cage.

I give him fresh greens, endive mostly, with collard greens, carrot, pepper, zucchini occasionally, and I sprinkle some ReptiCalcium on it every other day-ish.

He is on play sand that I washed and baked again before sanding his cage, but he was on what I think was a type of calcium sand/vitasand/reptisand at the pet store.

He fluctuates between not coming out for several days and coming out, eating most of his food, and basking most of the day, usually late morning to early evening.

When he does come out, he usually eats fairly well, but when he doesn’t come out at all, it’s very clear that he hasn’t eaten anything at all.

I haven’t handled him much since I got him home, as I said I’m trying to let him get used to it and get settled enough that he will eat regularly first. Before that he was not handled at all, since he has been in the pet store since November, and before that was supposedly handled frequently by his previous owner, but who knows really. When he does come out, he seems fairly social, and only a little nervous.

I haven’t taken him to a vet yet, or done any kind of medical check up or tests.

Ok.. now that all that is out, I do have a few questions!

I know that it can take them a long time to get used to a new environment, so I am assuming that his desire to stay under his hide and sleep all of the time, and not eat, is related to the stress of that; But, how long can he go without food before I need to start worrying about making him eat?

He has a strange.. thing.. on his neck.. that I am now starting to think may be a growth of some sort.. I did try to pick it off a little bit, thinking it may have been something just stuck on him, but he started to wince so I stopped immediately, and upon inspecting further it looks like one side is possibly continues with his skin/scales. Picture of it below; sorry for the slight blur in places, it’s really challenging to take pictures of uro chins with one hand while holding uro in other hand and trying to get enough light and see the screen to make sure you have the right field of view and are focused..

03/21/14  09:25pm


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  Message To: Yellwarbler   In reference to Message Id: 2304138

 New Uro - few questions!

Apparently the photo will not link properly, and I can not upload pictures to this site right now for some reason. I apologize greatly!

HERE is a link that should take you straight to the image!

03/21/14  09:34pm


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  Message To: Yellwarbler   In reference to Message Id: 2304139

 New Uro - few questions!

I know when we got our iguana he had a few of these patches and they were built up layers of shed from improper care by the previous owners. I’m not sure how you’d deal with it in a uro since baths are generally a big no, but the iguana solution was daily baths to soften the skin and it slowly peeled off in 3-5 layers with slight intervention on my part of rubbing the area. Maybe take a moist cotton swab to the area every day for a few minutes and dry it off afterwards?

You should probably do a vet check just to be safe though.

03/25/14  08:27am

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