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I really need some good advice!!!!!PLEASE My Uro Only has a BM once a month or so. A HUGE BM. No little pellets during the month. Just a really big one after several weeks. Please don’t ask me all the husbandry questions. I have researched and researched when I got this 10 yr old Mali ( 8 months ago) Previously she wasn’t taken care of as well as she should have been and yet still had normal BM’s ???
I have spent a fortune on proper lighting heat che UVB and proper diet greens ( staples occasionals etc.) my fridge has 2drawers of just her greens and various squashes. I wet her greens before i cut them up every day Her temps are all good too (i have 2 digital acurite thermometers)yet she doesn’t go regularly I cannot figure out why. She looks healthy eats basks hides moves around. No sign of anything wrong EXCEPT her BM habits. PLEASE ANY IDEAS OR ADVICE ??? Thanx!!!

03/12/14  02:42pm


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  Message To: GMAROLIE   In reference to Message Id: 2304019


Normally I would say that it is an issue with the lizard not having a hot enough basking area to digest its food; so it takes longer to do so.
But since you state everything is fine in that area; possibly some type of metabolic issue.
Could also be that since it wasn’t taken care of properly before you got him, that he is now trying to extract every last vitamin/mineral etc. from his now proper food to get his metabolism back in balance. I’ve noticed this with my uros after waking up from their brumation; but this is temporary and only going once a month seems excessive.
You will probably need a veterinarian to help you out with this query.

03/13/14  08:49am

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