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 Quick question about pairing

so as I had stated before I got two new mastyx they are Saharans but my female was not eating and was always hiding the other other I caught the other juvenile male pinning her down and biting her I was worried about her well being so I took the male out of the cage with her he is now in his own tank. I have a adult male mali uromastyx in a big tank I was hoping to be able to put the juvenile female in the tank with him someday and the other juvenile male I got is a gift for someone so he will not be staying around for much longer. does anyone know if I will be able to put the adult male and juvenile female together ever or not.. I have introduced them to each other outside of his tank he does what look likes pushup and looks kinda mean he has never been aggressive before so I am not sure what is going on I had a female in there with him about 4 year ago but she has sense passed away so I felt like he was lonely go I wanted to find the right female but now I am worried I will not be able to place any of them together

03/11/14  03:42pm

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