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 Have you owned a Wc saharan Uromastyx successfully?

At a local pet store that just opened they have a wild caught saharan. He is flighty but very beautiful, in great shape, eats well and has daily bowel movements. Only problem is he had blood in his stool so he is off the market till he is checked and treated. The pet store owner is very knowledge able and I trust him fully. But now that I’ve been on the internet I’m getting never that he will die from the parasites (if he has them, which most likely he does) or In a matter of months because of the stress in captivity. I don’t plan on holding him much for a few months, ill get him to trust me first. I’ve dealt with a saharan Uro before but he was dehydrated and week so he was very calm and also didn’t have any Heath issues.

Do you think after when he’s better that I should get him? I should point out that i don’t live around breeders of any type so CB is latterly out of the question anyways. Also I had a savannah monitor before so I do have a ton of patients.
Also when he is fully treated, would the parasites come back even if he is treated and taken care of well?

Thanks ahead of time!

03/09/14  09:52am


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 Have you owned a Wc saharan Uromastyx successfully?

I have had 5 Saharans that I got as wild caught adults that have all done well for me. One of the females died a few years ago during egg laying but the rest are in good shape. Although most have been flighty they have all remained healthy and even bred for me two years ago. They are one of the few Uromastyx I have had that I can actually keep pairs or trios (1 male, 2 females) together without risk to the females. I know it is better to get captive bred animals. They are generally calmer and don’t have the parasite loading that wild caught do but I would still get wild caught Saharans if that were my best/only option for getting one. As far as the parasites, if they are effectively treated I would not expect them to return unless they are recontaminated by another animal.

03/09/14  03:51pm

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