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 Uro , constipation , canned pumpkin????

I REALLY need some knowledgeable advice!! My Uro who is 10 but I’ve only had him for6 months I believe has MB disease. He/she is doing pretty well eats basks hides etc. his temps are good 135 on basking site about 85 on cool side ambient tempa about 95 I feed him some spring mix, chicory escarole some dandelion all squashes zucchini occasional green or red pepper. I put some ground zoo med grassland tortoise food on his wet greens.
Ive done a ton of research and listened to several people on 3 sites. The thing I’m crazy over is he doesn’t have regular BM’s I believe that’s part of the MB disease
Weeks will go by and then he goes a tremendous amount. When I was reaching out for answers someone said put canned natural pumpkin on his food. I have been doing that and he did go finally My question is should i give him the canned pumpkin every day? If not how often ? Is it good for him and his bowels ?? Other than his irregular BM’s he seems perfectly normal HELP

02/04/14  05:54pm


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  Message To: GMAROLIE   In reference to Message Id: 2303390

 Uro , constipation , canned pumpkin????

I would avoid any and all canned food products, which usually contain high amounts of salt and or chemical preservatives. Pumpkin (canned or fresh) also contains an imbalanced calcium to phosphorous ratio and sugars, the former is notably poor for animals with MBD. If you want to provide high fiber look into feeding more fresh grasses and squash (I like spaghetti squash). You can also try offering more of the ZooMed tort pellets, roughly crushed or ground, but placed in a separate dish, dry.

Before you do this, you might want to figure out if the issue isn’t more serious--there could be a partial blockage causing the problem. If the animal isn’t basking regularly that could also be a potential cause--this would mean the animal’s digestive process would be lagged. Can you post an image of the basking area?

02/06/14  06:43pm

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