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 Need some insight on behavior

So I got a Mali Uro sunday from petsmart I was told to get one from there and against my better judgement I did. Well I think the poor thing is sick...
There is this white stuff coming out of its nose... and while it was basking today I noticed it had its mouth open and was moving its throat rapidly.
I have proper temps etc 90 air temp 133 basking with a 80F cool side. Tile sub. No digging area at the moment. Will be mixing top soil from lowes with some sand and moss. eats spring mix which has baby spinach green and red romaine and a bunch of other stuff. All Organic if that matters. He or she is yellow on the belly on his or her back is some yellow coming in but now a ton. How big will a Mali Uromastyx get anyways?

01/18/14  02:52pm


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  Message To: LizardGirl96   In reference to Message Id: 2303056

 Need some insight on behavior

First.. that’s not a Mali. That sounds like a yellow Saharan, or U. geyri. The white stuff coming from his nose is just snalt. It is salt that the uromastyx expels out his nose. Not sure about the mouth / throat movement because mine has never done that. It sounds like a threat display.. so to speak. When I stick my hand in my geckos tank.. he starts pulsing his throat and waving his tail. When my beardie gets pissed off she puffs her throat. My Uro doesn’t really get pissed off.. at most he gets scared and hides.. so I have never seen him do anything like that. Behavior aside.. I suppose the worst case scenario could be an upper respiratory infection.

01/20/14  12:15pm


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  Message To: LookingforUro   In reference to Message Id: 2303071

 Need some insight on behavior

Don’t worry. Opening the mouth and moving the throat like that is entirely normal while basking in its hot spot. This is how basking lizards cool themselves down slightly by evaporating fluids from their mouth. Reptiles can’t sweat like mammals.
If it does this while not basking or needs to hold the mouth open to breath all the time; that’s when I’d be concerned about a respiratory infection or something like that.
As mentioned, expelling salt from the nostrils is also entirely normal for Uros to do.

01/21/14  07:59am


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  Message To: LizardGirl96   In reference to Message Id: 2303056

 Need some insight on behavior

The opening of the mouth and panting is exactly like a dog panting. its because your uromastyx is at a proper temperature.
The white stuff on its nose should actually be salt build up. If you rub it off, it should feel crystalline when you rub it between your fingers. All it is is uromastyx sweat. Expelling salt like we do when we sweat. It also happens when they’re at the right temperatures.
although, 133 seems a little too hot. I’ve seen egyptians like it that hot, but the mali’s prefer 115 for a couple minutes then average at 95 all day. It’s not bad, but it might be a waste of electricity. Have you actually seen your Mali bask directly under that 133?

03/14/14  08:20pm


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  Message To: Cassandra1248   In reference to Message Id: 2304059

 Need some insight on behavior

I have both a mali and a Sahara uromastyx and honestly your has to be a sahara the mali are black with yellow and the saharas are the yellow with the black markings and the breathing thing you are talking about mine do that all the time is there way of letting out the heat from basking don’t worry.

03/21/14  09:16pm

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