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 Eygptian Uromastyx a good reptile to keep?

Hi everyone, I was wanting to know about the Egyptian Uromastyx more. I have had a little Saharan but I am more into the bigger reptiles/animals. I have a 4 by 2 by 1.5 foot aquarium which I will use to house the baby in until it get 12 -18 inches. Then I would build him a custom enclosure 8by 6by 6 foot enclosure (already have the plans and what I need to build it.. Materials) with 2 feet of substrate so that he can burrow.

Information I would like to know:
1) how long does it take for them to become 3 feet?
2) how much do they cost?
3) how much does it cost to feed them per month?
4) can they go without insects? Read that they need a few per week to have their protein intake
5) what are their colours? I’ve seen them brown, tan, yellow and greenish
6) can they become tame enough to cuddle, hold for a while everyday? I would like to be able to hold him and go outside with him in the summers to let him take in the sun light without him running off (if you think it’s risky please let me know if I should get him a harness)
7) does anyone know where I can get a Egyptian Uromastyx in Canada? Also is it okay to have them shipped... Never shipped an animal before.
8) can’t think of anything else at the moment.

01/17/14  01:58pm


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  Message To: Ashley36   In reference to Message Id: 2303047

 Eygptian Uromastyx a good reptile to keep?

not sure on how long it takes.. but they are relatively slow growers. Most other Uromastyx get to their full size around 3-5 years I think. Not sure since my guy is only 2.

Egyptians are relatively cheap..50-75 i think call doug dix at

Cost hardly anything to feed. Greens are cheap.

Do not feed them insects. Not sure where you read that they NEED them.. there are other good sources of protein.

Regular egyptians are tan / brown. I for some strange reason can not remember the name of the yellow egyptian.. which is crazy cause i knew it. Microlepis.. thats what it is. Green should be unlikely in an egyptian.

They can become tame.. that does not mean you should hold it everyday.. or much at all. Uromastyx are not a snuggly lizard that likes to be handled. It seriously stresses them out.. plus they need insanely high heat so taking them out of their cage isnt good for them. Oh and he would TOTALLY run off if you took it outside. They love to run.. you would never find him again.

Again.. Doug Dix at

It really sounds like you want more of a savanah monitor or a tegu or something... something large that you can walk. Uromastyx are much more of an observation pet.

01/29/14  07:44pm


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  Message To: Ashley36   In reference to Message Id: 2303047

 Eygptian Uromastyx a good reptile to keep?

These animals do not regularly reach 3ft in length--most top out right around 24-30" depending. I have heard of some reaching 36", but I have never seen any proof of it.

Cost per animal is dependent as well--they usually range from $50-125 or there about.

Greens cost anywhere from $1.00-3.00 an lb. Expect to spend at least $5 a week if purchasing (partial overestimate to ensure you can afford it). Growing greens and grasses is much more economical and relatively easy. With that said, heating and lighting even smaller enclosures can be expensive...a large enclosure, like the one you outlined, will cost significantly more. You must ensure that you can afford the electric bill that comes with this--potentially hundreds of dollars a month.

Yes, they can go without insects.

Aegyptia are typically far less colorful than most other species, but some have awesome patterning and color schemes (bright yellows for a. microlepis).

No reptile is built for ’cuddling’. If this is part of your criteria I would seriously consider something more applicable, like a mammal of some sort. As far as trips outdoors, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have an escape/predator proof outdoor enclosure with ample conditions (proper heat gradient, humidity levels etc), and even then I would consider it a risky move. Walking the animal on a harness (any reptile, for that mater) is unacceptable. Again, a mammal, like a dog or a ferret, would be a better candidate for that. Temperament wise, while uromastyx are generally pretty harmless, an adult aegyptia can cause injury, especially when threatened. They can take a lot of work to get them to the point where they can trust you and even when they get to that point they will remain skeptical. Even the slightest misstep can be a huge setback in terms of trust.

And please do not think of a monitor or tegu as potential secondary options...that would be a very bad choice for anyone looking to do any handling (let alone ’cuddling’).

01/30/14  09:43am


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  Message To: Vers   In reference to Message Id: 2303224

 Eygptian Uromastyx a good reptile to keep?

Yeah.. I wouldnt cuddle a Savannah or tegu either.. i was just thinking the going for walks part. I have seen people do that. Not sure how much the animal enjoys it though.

01/30/14  10:19pm

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