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Mike dino
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 Ocellata Shedding Problems

My 6 year old Ocellata is having difficulty shedding his legs. The excess skin has been on there for over two months. I understand that can lead to blood circulation problems, but I am having trouble dealing with the issue. First, I used wet Q-Tips to try to (gently) rub the excess skin off. After that didn’t work, I resorted to giving him a quick 15 minute soak. After a few days, I listened to advice from a local reptile store and put him in a shoe box overnight with a wet paper towel to build up humidity. Obviously, I know that these last two tactics are not too great for the Uro, but I have no idea what to do next.

His health overall seems to be doing well. He’s eating and pooping just fine. Obviously, I searched for better answers before I posted, but I have no read anything that I have not already tried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



01/02/14  01:35pm


Mike dino
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 Ocellata Shedding Problems


01/02/14  01:43pm


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 Ocellata Shedding Problems

I use olive oil it helps

01/17/14  10:36pm


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 Ocellata Shedding Problems

Im actually quite shocked that someone told you to put him in a shoebox with a cold, wet paper towel over night.
The soaking isn’t as bad if you properly dry the tail with a crisp towel.
I have actually found, personally, that my uromastyx will burst out of their shed when I make them really dry and hot for a couple hours a day. I also run my nails over the shed to move the loose shed around, just not incessantly pick at it.

03/14/14  08:04pm

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