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 Male of female?? Help!! :)

I resently got a Saharan uromastyx. I want to know more about my lizard, more than what I just seen on the internet.. so any information would be great!

Also I am trying to sex my uromastyx. I am not totally sure he looks like a male to me but I could be totally wrong and it would be great if anyone could tell me!!!!!

I can see that my uromastyx has pores but you can barely tell that they are there!

12/08/13  04:31pm


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  Message To: Hannahmly   In reference to Message Id: 2302584

 Male of female?? Help!! :)

Could you please post an image of the animal? If it is U. geyri and is old enough, you can tell based on ventral patterning alone. Males will have dark tiger striping and usually a yellow or red underside.

12/08/13  07:48pm

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