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 Kale/collard green question

I recently have bought a Uromastyx from a PetSmart I work at & have done research on them. Currently I’m feeding him a spring mix with a mix of kale & collard greens added & adding a little bit of berries. I’ve read both positive & negative things about feeding uromastyx kale & collard greens so I thought id ask all of your opinions. Should I continue feeding it to him daily? Also the spring mix I have has spanich in it, i was told to feed him this mix but also read spanich is bad for uromastyx. What is a good salad mix or any sort of vegetables that I should be feeding him that I can get at almost any grocery store. Please help I want to make sure I’m feeding him the proper food! Oh & I also give him parakeet food.

12/01/13  12:53pm


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 Kale/collard green question

Check out There is a complete care sheet one that site.

12/02/13  01:00pm

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