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 Not eating but still having bowel movement?


New to this forum,been reading sporadically over the past year or so. This is Earl roughly a year old give or take.

Just completed a new 6x2x2 vivarium for him which is probably too big for him to be comfortable in yet,so i might section it off if he doesnt settle in. Wanted to give him as much freedom as possible.

He is always quite a scatty character,i only handle him when necessary and he loves his hide and would happily stay in it for hours on end, so from time to time i will try and entice him out so he can get some uv. I have a vet appointment booked for friday for a checkup as i think he hides to much and hardly eats.

Point being he is still passing stools yet he is not eating anything. I dont know if its the change of weather that is perhaps bringing on brumation? His temps are 129 in the hot end and 88-92 in the cool end. Im trying to lower the heat in the cool end so theres a wider range. His diet consists of pak choi,spring mix,sliced greens,carrots,peppers,occasional fruits and red split lentils which i have to really limit as he will eat only them if offered.

Any input is appreciated.

10/16/13  12:37pm


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  Message To: Bopgun   In reference to Message Id: 2301725

 Not eating but still having bowel movement?

New Viv, always hiding, not eating. Sounds like relocation stress. Coaxing him out of his hide will probably only stress him out more.

10/19/13  12:51pm


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  Message To: LookingforUro   In reference to Message Id: 2301791

 Not eating but still having bowel movement?

Well, if he’s pooping, he’s definitely eating. You’re just not seeing him eat, which is actually a common occurrence among people who own Uros. As stated above, he’s probably stressed from the handling and the relocation into a new tank. I’d say leave him be for a while, keep providing him with food, and see how it goes. Usually takes a few months for them to settle down in a new environment, I believe.

10/19/13  06:41pm

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