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 Croissance normal uromastyx ?

Hello, we have several reptiles (2 Bearded Dragon, Chameleon, Frilled Dragon, and uromastyx) at home and all going well, except that I wonder about the ocellated uromastyx that I bought last Christmas for my son When he was 8 weeks, it has almost 1 year now and it does not grow.

I fed salad, vegetable shoots, vegetables. I add calcium in food. He is in a vivarium 18 "x18" x18 ", before he was in bigger, but it told me to put it in smaller to better manage the temperature as it is small. Temperature is always around 40 and has a large UV light and it also has a hotplate. I changed the substrate millet hoping he eats a little thereby.

is it normal that also grow slowly? he is very fit, hard to catch and keep in our hands. Without the tail, his body should be about 8 centimeters long no more. for 1 year, is this normal?

Thank you very much for your answers and suggestions. sorry for my bad English.

10/03/13  07:38am


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 Croissance normal uromastyx ?

18" by 18"? That’s waaaay too small for a Uro, perhaps even a baby. Most people recommend 4’ by 2’.

Also, temp is 40... Is that C or F? If it’s F, then that is way too cold. If it’s C then it needs to be hotter still.

You should fill out the questionnaire in the "Please Read Before Posting" topic so we can better assess the situation.

For the most part, I know Uros are slow growers, but a year is also quite a bit of time. It should’ve at least grown a little. 3 inches is still quite small. My Uro was maybe almost a year when I got him (he was wild caught, so hard to say) and he’s almost triple the size. I’m estimating, of course.

10/03/13  04:45pm


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  Message To: AutismMOM   In reference to Message Id: 2301504

 Croissance normal uromastyx ?

Hi there, as stated above, 18x18 is much, much, much too small, though I wont hold that against you as you were told otherwise. 4 feet by 2 feet is the genera minimum (1.2m by 0.6m). Hopefully you mean 40c, that’s too low, still. If it was 40f, I’m surprised it hadn’t died in a year, let alone a couple days.

Uro’s need a basking spot that is somewhere from 120f-130f, though as a baby many people would say 115-120f is fine, perhaps better (My baby ocellated doesn’t bask if it’s much over 120) the hot end of the terrariums ambient temp should be some where around 90, mine is about 100f, but that’s okay because the cool side is in the mid 80’s so it can still thermo-regulate, as they are cold blooded.) Ambient temps should be taken with a digital thermostat, surface temps (i.e. the basking spot) should be taken with an IR temp gun

10/03/13  06:06pm

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