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Angelfreeze   Takahiro111  

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 White spikes on my uros leg

I just noticed the spikes on my uros right leg are white and look bigger than the spikes on his other leg, and I was just wondering what would cause this. He is shedding right now, but this is something I didnt notice the last time he shed. It doesnt seem to hinder him in any kind of way and there is nothing different about his behavior, he eats normally, basks, plays and naps like he always has. He wont let me touch his leg, but this is also normal for him seeing how hes never liked to be touched on his legs ortail. All Iinformation on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

09/06/13  11:10pm


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  Message To: Angelfreeze   In reference to Message Id: 2300949

 White spikes on my uros leg

If you can post a pic of it would be good but it’s ok if you can’ agama has a similar problem except under him he’s getting darker spots but is acting normal,but it should be nothing to be concerned about if he’s acting normal and everything but keep a good eye on him and here a website you can ask experts on your reptiles for free

Go on google and search

09/07/13  10:11pm

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