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 U. Ornatus

Hey all,

I don’t know if any of you remember me, but about 10 months ago, I posted some concerns about my new baby Ornate, Dexter. Since then, he has been doing well, defecating regularly, moving around, basking, sleeping etc, but I am still concerned. My concern stems from the fact that, despite being about 11 months old (10 months in my care, 1 month at the store), he is not growing discernibly. He is not emaciated at all (in fact, he is quite plump) but he has not lost that "juvenile look" yet. I do not own the rights to any pictures of adult uromastyx, but I think most people on here know the difference between the looks. He has not lost the brownish color, he is still somewhat short, and he doesn’t have that "big" look yet. Don’t think that I’m basing my health evaluation of my pet on shallow standards, I’m just trying to describe it as clearly as I can.

So I wanted to know, should I be concerned about the lack of growth? I don’t have weight charts going back too far, as I just a day or so ago decided to start tracking weight.

Here is some info that you might find helpful:


-Spring mix (no spinach)
-Collared Greens
-Bok Choy
-Finely sliced bell peppers (vit. A supplement) - not offered every day
-Finely sliced apple (with peel) - not offered every day

(As much leaf lettuce as I could find I removed from the pre-packaged parts of this mixture)

Hot side day (ambient) 105
Hot side day (basking) 118 - 126
Hot side night (ambient) 84
Hot side night (basking 87 - 88.5
Cool side day (ambient) 83
Cool side night (ambient) 74

Hot side 12-15%
Cool side 18-26%

Incandescent lamp
Infrared lamp (red bulb)
CFC bulb

I put all the lights on during the day, and turn them all off at night (my room is hot enough from my other animals to keep the temperatures at the levels I listed)

Anyway, thanks for surviving the long post, and if anyone here has any wisdom on what I should be doing to encourage growth, I’d really appreciate it!


08/29/13  08:41am


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  Message To: AjTheOrnateLover   In reference to Message Id: 2300712

 U. Ornatus

I did not see in you mention owning any sort of UVB bulb in that list. Do you own a UVB bulb at all? Also keep in mind Uro’s are slow growers, they don’t grow like Bearded Dragon’s do.

if you dont own a UVB bulb, order one online it’s much cheaper, and use Reptisun, brands like exo terra make uvb fluorescents as well, but they’re not as good as Zoo Med. Depending on the size of your tank (You should have a 40 gallon breeder minimum) you’ll probably want one that’s about 24 inches long minimally speaking.


P.S, I’d wait for one of the real experts in this joint to respond like Vers. I’m sure they can give you a much better reply.

08/29/13  11:12am


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 2300713

 U. Ornatus

I have a fluorescent bulb that creates UVB rays, at one point I was using a mercury vapor that produced UVB as well as heat, but I had problems with it (the housing was so big it literally melted the trim on the tank) I am using a 40 breeder, I know it’s on the small side, but for now space in my room is limited, so I’m going to wait until he gets a bit bigger to look into a vision cage, or consider building my own, having a big lizard will help me convince the powers that be.

08/29/13  02:26pm


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  Message To: AjTheOrnateLover   In reference to Message Id: 2300715

 U. Ornata

Hate to be a nitpicker, but the title of this thread should have been U. Ornata, nomenclature error.

08/29/13  02:31pm


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  Message To: AjTheOrnateLover   In reference to Message Id: 2300712

 U. Ornata

Totally my fault with that.

08/29/13  02:32pm


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  Message To: AjTheOrnateLover   In reference to Message Id: 2300712

 U. Ornatus

Hi AJ. It sounds to me like your setup and husbandry are correct (a photo of the setup would help). I wouldn’t be concerned if I were you...uros are, as stated above, very slow growers compared to other genera. If the animal is approachable enough I would suggest keeping growth records, this way you have something to refer to in the future. As an example, I received my geyri when it was a few weeks old. When he/she came to me it weighed ~20g (July, 2012). A year later, it weighed 51g and has put on 3g since (weighed just now).

08/29/13  08:01pm


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  Message To: Vers   In reference to Message Id: 2300729

 U. Ornata

Well, Dexter is a bit skittish, but I will try to keep growth records if I can. Oh, by the way Vers, I saw your post about the enclosures you build, any tips for how to build a good one? I have experience and knowledge with design/building, and I’m comfortable with the materials, but if you have any tips that would be greatly appreciated.

08/30/13  09:18am

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