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 Fraggle is bloated but not scared - I’m worried

Hey folks,

I’m a little worried. Fraggle has been a lot rounder these days. For the last week or so he’s been so inflated that he seems to have a little difficulty walking around. He looks uncomfortable. He’s inflated as they do when scared or stressed - only he isn’t. He still comes up to be pet during feeding times and other than being a little more lethargic than usual, personality remains the same. I’m attaching a photo. And here is the form:

1) How long have you owned the animal
8 years

2) Dimensions of the enclosure you are using. Measure it- do not guess or give gallon size
2.5 feet x 4.5 feet x 2 feet

3) Species (if known), length, and weight of the animal
Uromastix – mali I believe

4) Listing of all animals kept in the enclosure referred to in the post
Just Fraggle

5) Basking spot temperature and how that temperature was measured
118 degrees – measured with thermal gun
6) Temperature throughout the rest of the enclosure (warm and cool areas) and how these temperatures were measured e.g. digital thermometer, stick on dial thermometer. Provide the nighttime temperatures as well.

90 on the warm end, 86 on the cooler end
drops to 70-74 at night
(ambient temperatures measured with dial thermometer)

7) Acknowledge whether you are using a UVB bulb and if so, the brand, age of bulb, and distance from the bulb to the uromastyx

UVB 200 exo terra – month old

8) Diet items being fed and how often each item is fed
Spring mix, kale, dandelion greens occasionally. Green beans, zucchini from time to time

9) List of the supplements being used, how much is used, and how often the supplement is used

Calcium dusting on salad 3 times a week.

10) Type of substrate (cage bottom material). If this is sand, state whether it is calcium sand


11) Describe your animal’s daily routine. When it exits the hide, when it retreats for the night, how long it is usually out throughout the day, is it active during this time, how much time does it spend sitting on the basking spot….

He has become a lot more lethargic. Just laying in the heat or sleeping in his hide.

12) Describe your animal’s appetite.
Unchanged. He eats daily.

13) Describe any unusual behaviors you are seeing or any recent changes in behavior. Also note whether any recent modifications have been made to this animal’s environment. e.g new enclosure, move to another room, new heat bulb....

His enclosure was changed 5 months ago. And his new home is a lot larger than his last.

Fraggle has become more lethargic which could be due to his constant state of molting these days (more so than usual summer shed). Mostly I’m concerned about the bloating. He is heavier than usual, and round. Maybe he’s just growing?

14) Describe how often this animal is handled and the type of handling.
He gets some love pets daily when fed. And is handled for a few minutes every couple days.

15) State whether the animal has been to a vet, when that was, and whether the animal was diagnosed with a medical condition. Also state whether the uromastyx has ever had a fecal check. If so states when the fecal check was done, what was found, and if medication was prescribed.

He was at the vet about 3 month ago. After the change to his habitat he became stressed and impacted. He had a full check up and has been fine since.

08/10/13  07:58pm


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  Message To: Erin_J   In reference to Message Id: 2300346

 Fraggle is bloated but not scared - I’m worried

Here are some photos:

08/10/13  08:10pm


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  Message To: Erin_J   In reference to Message Id: 2300347

 Fraggle is bloated but not scared - I’m worried

Well.. you had him for 8 years and kept him alive and fine so I am not sure this would be the problem.. but your basking temp is quite low. I have two basking spots.. one is 136 and the other 120.. and my uro prefers the 136 spot. With temps being low.. maybe hes having digestion issues and building up gas? When my uro was sick.. he hid a lot in his cool hide.. and he built up a lot of gas because the food was just sitting in his gut.

08/14/13  10:21am


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  Message To: LookingforUro   In reference to Message Id: 2300440

 Fraggle is bloated but not scared - I’m worried

Well, we just got home from the vet. After xrays and examination we’re still not entirely clear on the problem. There is a lot of fluid built up on one side- moving everything over to the other. And a spot on the xray which could be a syst or another growth. The possible scenarios are a) some kind of tumor or syst that is growing and producing the fluid or b) fraggle is actually a lady-lizard and has an ovarian syst (this would be the better scenario as it would be solved by have him/ her fixed). Fraggle is still not in pain at all, and eating/ pooing/ active as always.

Treatment options are 1. Do nothing and monitor 2. Drain the fluid (though this would be going in blind and could lead to other problems) of 3. Surgery where they remove the growth and drain the fluid.

I’m sure option 3 is the best option. I’m just so scared for the little guy.

08/14/13  01:52pm


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  Message To: Erin_J   In reference to Message Id: 2300451

 Fraggle is bloated but not scared - I’m worried

While I’m in no position to come up with any sort of accurate diagnosis I can recommend that you discontinue kale and consider replacing the millet with a more suitable particulate substrate (washed play sand or a dense clay/soil+sand mix) OR a solid substrate like non-coated ceramic/porcelain tile or cut stone. I say this because both kale and millet are goitrogenic food items which, after time, can cause health issues--namely hypothyroidism. Symptoms of this include inactivity, sluggishness, weight gain and skin issues. The spring mix is OK however I would consider looking into curly endive, escarole, more dandelion, chicory, despined opuntia, orchard grass, winter squash and mazuri tortoise pellets. In addition it would help if you provided the distance at which the ExoTerra bulb is mounted to the closest surface. Personally I would not recommend any ExoTerra bulb at this point in time as I have yet to see any recent testing to show their effectiveness. I would, however, recommend Arcadia or ZooMed T5 HO linear fluorescent bulbs, Arcadia MVBs, MegaRay MVBs or, given enough experience, MegaRay MH lamps. All of these bulbs have proven track records (for the most part). Lastly, I would try to keep nighttime temps above 75f and provide basking temps in the 120-130 range. Adding a medium wattage standard PAR38 outdoor rated halogen flood lamp beside an MVB or a couple beside a linear UVB fluorescent will help create a large basking surface diameter. Of course the basking surface itself should be large enough as well.

Good luck with everything and be sure to post updates!

08/16/13  09:09am

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