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 Uromastyx setup/care?

hi, i am arranging to get a 2 year mali uromastyx in a couple weeks! this is my first reptile so ive been researching a lot and im hoping some people with more experience can i am planning on buying a used tank that is 21" wide, 51" long, and 18" high for her. its all glass so im going to get background paper to cover the back and sides. heres a picture of her current setup

this is the tank im planning on getting? i read that larger is better with uromastyx and this larger tank is cheaper too. ill be sure to sanitize it and everything

the person i am buying the mali uromastyx from is currently using a UVA-UVB light and 100 watt heat lamp. will a 100 watt lamp be enough to create a 110-120 basking place? i was going to place the heat lamp on the far end so that there would be a temperature gradient right, not have it in the middle? should i get an additional second less intense light for turning on first in the morning?

this is a better view of her lights now. it would be better to have the light further from the middle, still facing the basking rock, and have the food bowl on the 80-90 side of the tank, right? i was going to do a 13 hour day and 11 hour night and feed her based on this caresheet Link. i think im going to use ecocarpet from zoomed for the substrate? ive read about impaction from sand and similar stuff and that millet can cause problems too, because they can get defecation on it and then eat it. if i can get some slate for the floor i might do that?

like i said i havent kept a reptile before and i really want to be a good lizard dad, i want to figure out mistakes before they are actually happening and hurting an animal. please tell me if theres anything i should plan to do differently!! thank you

08/02/13  11:01pm


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  Message To: Manxy   In reference to Message Id: 2300171

 Uromastyx setup/care?

iv owned many uros lol the best thing i can say is get atleast three hides. one in the cool one in warm and one in the middle so she has plenty of places to hide if she feels scared. its a good idea to have two food dishes one in warm that u can put pellets or seeds and so on in and one in the cool for her greens. have a suplemt ready and dust her food once a week. and i wouldn’t use a carpet. when i first got uros my female bit off a peice of the carpet and it inpacted her. i use sand becouse if they eat it it almost always comes out. just get play-sand and wash it before using it uros absolutely love to dig. mine cant stay out of the sand. i did half stone and half sand and they love it. but if they show signs of an inpaction from sand normaly alittle water clears it right up but my uros have never had come due to sand. ur hours are perfect for them my uros normal come out around 7 and go back in at 6 for ur lights try to keep it on one side to make sure she has a warm area and that its not drifting to far into her cool side. other then that just get plenty of things for her to climb on and hide in

08/03/13  09:28am


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  Message To: Cassielehman   In reference to Message Id: 2300180

 Uromastyx setup/care?

Welcome to the community. Do you know the size of the Uro? Enclosure size should be 4x2x2 minimum for an adult. The larger the better. They will use every inch of room you give them. As for substrate I myself and many others use washed play sand. But a lot of people use slate, slate is a great substrate to use. I would suggest buying an infrared temp gun to accurately measure your heat gradient. You will have to experiment with the enclosure and lighting. I’ve noticed 2 flood lights (75w) makes an ideal basking surface, it will get your temps up in the 120’s. as for UVB it should be within a foot of the basking area, at max. I would suggest you buy a zoomed t5 HO fixture 36". Supplement should be used 2 times a week. You can get a lot of helpful and key information from this website and community.

08/03/13  01:32pm


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  Message To: Rjworley   In reference to Message Id: 2300189

 Uromastyx setup/care?


They will tear up the corners and edges of the PT, and pace the length of the cage a lot more then normal. Glass dancing also increases. Perhaps with species used to rocky mountain areas would be less affected.

I’m curious as to why you would supplement (assuming D3?) AND offer UVB lighting? IMO it’s overkill. With proper diet and lighting supplements are unnecessary. I’d also like to add that the OP could go with an Arcadia T5 HO variant (virtually the same bulbs as ZooMed) and a smaller length (22").

OP I have a couple videos on youtube that may provide some ideas as to how to set up your enclosure. Here is a Link to my channel.

08/04/13  03:41pm

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