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 Simlar Lizards?

Hi everyone. I used to do reptile and amphibian rescue or rehab, but stopped because I get a little emotional. Of all the reptiles I’ve cared for, Uromastyx’s have the most wonderful personalities...but I also find them the most difficult. Many problems arise with each one I’ve cared for in the past, including my current companion.

Are there any other lizards you guys have had or cared for that remind you of a Uromastyx in intelligence and tempermant? Thanks :)


06/21/13  03:24pm


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 Simlar Lizards?

I would have to say the only thing I can think of that comes close.. is a baby bearded dragon... but even on her best day my beardie can not compare with the curiosity and activity level of my uro.

06/24/13  06:48am

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