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 Where to buy online?

I live in a smallish city and my local Petco and Petsmart do not sell any types of Uros. I am looking specifically for an Ornate Uro hatchling. I have been focusing mainly on the housing for my future uro, and haven’t looked much into where to actually get one! I had no idea it would be this tough! I have seen a few sites that sell Saharans and Malis.. are ornates harder to find? I am familiar with LLLreptile, they have 0 uros in stock. Backwaterreptiles (though I don’t think I’d trust them anyway) are out of stock.. Deer fern farms won’t have any until August.. And I have a feeling it would be very hard to get one from them anyway. They seem very popular and probably run out quick. Where have you guys gotten your uros?

05/03/13  12:17pm


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 Where to buy online?

You can try and I got mine off Kingsnake.

05/03/13  01:29pm

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