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 New to Uromastyx

Hello, I’m new to this site as well as Uromastyx and I just wanted to make sure everything was right with my Mali. I just got him less than a week ago and he seems to be doing great, he eats his greens, is extremely active in and outside of his tank. The pet shop I got him from said that someone dropped him off last week because they said that they could not care for him. They also said that the previous owners had never handled him so he was not very handleable and that they had not had very much luck handling him. I have only started handling him a few days ago and he seems to have calmed down and loves to try and burrow as well as explore.
Here are a few pictures of him as well as his set-up. I know a few things such as tank size and most likely his substrate (I had some left overs from my bearded dragon) and it’s depth need to be changed but this is all I’ve been able to get my hands on this far. I got an awesome deal on him as he was $150 for him and his entire set-up. He was sold to me with the previous owners set-up: 40 breeder i believe, dirty bird seed substrate, one hide/basking spot, petco temp. gauge, and a salad dish. His basking spot is 127.7F, his hot side is around 90, and a cool side of around 82-85 depending on how hot/sunny it is outside. I also wanted to make sure he was the right size, he’s about 10.5 inches and the previous owner claimed he was just over a year. Is he to skinny for his size? Other than all of this info everything else seems to be right, I would love any input, advice or even just random comments!

08/08/12  01:46am


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  Message To: TheWERM   In reference to Message Id: 2276002

 New to Uromastyx

I’m not seeing the images--can you post a link to your host site instead? Also, it will help if you fill out and post the ’Please read before posting’ questionnaire into this thread (found on the main uro page). Please try and be as specific as possible :)

08/09/12  02:30pm


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  Message To: Vers   In reference to Message Id: 2276246

 New to Uromastyx

1) How long have you owned the animal

About one week

2) Dimensions of the enclosure you are using. Measure it- do not guess or give gallon size

W: 18" L:36" H:16"

3) Species (if known), length, and weight of the animal

Mali Uromastyx: 10.5 inches

4) Listing of all animals kept in the enclosure referred to in the post

One uro

5) Basking spot temperature and how that temperature was measured
127.7F-127.8F with Digital themometer

6) Temperature throughout the rest of the enclosure (warm and cool areas) and how these temperatures were measured e.g. digital thermometer, stick on dial thermometer. Provide the nighttime temperatures as well.

hot side: 93F cool side: 82-85F nighttime: 75-80F using digital therm.

7) Acknowledge whether you are using a UVB bulb and if so, the brand, age of bulb, and distance from the bulb to the uromastyx

I am using a ReptiGlo 10.0 UVB but I’m not to sure of how old it is, I should be getting a new one here soon though. The UVB is about 9" away from his basking spot.

8) Diet items being fed and how often each item is fed

Mustard greens (offered everyday and usually eaten). I know he needs a lot of variation in his diet but I have not been to the grocery/pet store quite yet, I’ll get him plenty of good food this weekend:) I also read that bird seed should be offered everyday, is this correct? If so what brand, mix, ect. do you recommend? Also, can he eat soaked or dry bearded dragon pellets?

9) List of the supplements being used, how much is used, and how often the supplement is used

Rep-Cal Herpivite multivitamins (light dusting on salad about once a week) and Flucker’s calcium (about every 3-5 days, light dusting on salad) I think he may have VERY slight metabolic bone disease (only in his wrists from what I’ve seen) and was wondering if you y’all recommend anything. I bought my bearded dragon with very slight metabolic bone disease (in wrists as well) and bought some meds for him, he has since healed almost completely and is very happy and active, I was wondering if the same would work for my Uro?

10) Type of substrate (cage bottom material). If this is sand, state whether it is calcium sand

Currently I am using small bark for his substrate. I have not read ANYTHING on bark for Uros so I’m not too sure about this. Unfortunately this is all I had at the moment (he came with uncleaned millet/birdseed) as they were leftovers from my bearded dragon. He seems to be doing great in eat, and I keep his food area on a big piece of slate and make sure that anytime before and after serving him that there is no greens in the substrate or substrate on the slate/in his bowl.

11) Describe your animal’s daily routine. When it exits the hide, when it retreats for the night, how long it is usually out throughout the day, is it active during this time, how much time does it spend sitting on the basking spot….

I haven’t been home until 3:30 due to school so I can’t speak for him until then but he seems to be doing great. Sometimes I catch him basking for about an hour or less. The rest of the time he loves to dig and explore. He also takes naps (about one a day) and goes in and out of his hiding spots throughout the day. At night he usually falls asleep when the lights go off or right before.

12) Describe your animal’s appetite.

He loves to eat all his greens

13) Describe any unusual behaviors you are seeing or any recent changes in behavior. Also note whether any recent modifications have been made to this animal’s environment. e.g new enclosure, move to another room, new heat bulb....

No unusual behaviors that I am aware of other than (rarely) partially standing on one of his front wrists. Since he’s moved in I have changed his substrate, got him a 75W black light for nighttime, and got him a hide on the cool side of his tank.

14) Describe how often this animal is handled and the type of handling.

I have been handling him for about 5 minutes or less a day, sometimes this includes letting him walk around the room (he loves to explore), or some petting (back, top of the head, and under the chin) inside the tank. When I got him he hissed, did the wiggle, and whipped (a lot). After about a day or two of handling he has mellowed out quite a bit but still gets slightly defensive when I first show him my hand, soon after he is normal. I know you’re not supposed to handle these guys as if they were beardeds so I do try to limit his time out of the tank and keep my room as warm as possible (to warm for me lol) when he is out.

15) State whether the animal has been to a vet, when that was, and whether the animal was diagnosed with a medical condition. Also state whether the uromastyx has ever had a fecal check. If so states when the fecal check was done, what was found, and if medication was prescribed.

I have not gone to a vet for this little guy, he seems extremely healthy and active.

I should have pics up soon!

08/10/12  09:32pm


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  Message To: TheWERM   In reference to Message Id: 2276422

 New to Uromastyx

Thanks! I’ll do my best to help you out :)

-The tank you have is on the small side. The recommended minimum is 48x24x16.

-What type of UVB bulb are you using? ExoTerra offers both linear and compact fluorescent ReptiGlo bulbs, the latter being a very poor option, in fact I’m not too sure about ExoTerra in general. Personally I’ve been using Arcadia t5 HO 12% UVB bulbs which have proven to be better options to even ZooMed’s PowerSun MVB lamps. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anyone with similar needs.

-I would personally avoid mustard greens, especially in high quantity. These greens, as well as many others within the mustard/brassica family, are generally high in goitrogens and can pose serious health risks. Look into offering curly endive and or escarole as primary food items. In addition please visit UroWiki (google it) and check out the list of good/poor food items. While you’re there, read everything else--you will come away with a ton of info.

-I would avoid using supplements. A combination of a balanced diet and a good UVB source is more important and removes a lot of the guess work that goes into dietary supplementation.

-Bark is a poor substrate choice--I would remove it asap and replace it with either non-coated ceramic tiles OR washed play sand or a washed play sand/organic soil mix. Washed play sand can be found at any home improvement store and should be washed again before using to filter out dust and small particles. If you go with a particulate substrate be sure to provide an elevated, clean feeding surface in order to avoid accidental substrate ingestion/impaction.

-Remove the black light. There should be absolutely no light emitting sources used during a night cycle, especially black lights which can be extremely dangerous. Not only will light (any spectrum) disrupt a uro’s natural sleep cycle but certain black light bulbs can cause blindness in reptiles (and other animals). If you need to provide supplemental heat at night use a ceramic heat emitter.

That’s pretty much all for now. Hopefully you can post some images of your setup soon, which would help even further :)

08/11/12  05:08pm

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