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 Help! New Turtle!


Me and my partner have just returned from a vacation to Bali.

We have fell in love with a baby land turtle, can you identify this type of turtle for me please? We are looking at buying some!

01/20/18  07:55pm


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 Help! New Turtle!

I also have a new turtle. An albino christian turtle. He is very religious and screams JESUS whenever i feed him. he also claims to have parted the red sea. He is also addicted to the bible and wine. I got him a red back satin turtle as a friend and he put his cross up his butt. i’m worried please help.

P.S i’m jewish but he doesn’t know that yet. DON’T TE....... my owner is now with satin where he belongs PRAISE JESUS

01/23/18  06:35am

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