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Deannaturtle   Eris  

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 Limp back leg

i took in a eastern painted turtle and noticed his back leg is limp. when you pick him up both legs dangle he has a little bit of use in one leg but the other he cant pull in his shell or anything the previous owner said "well it was working last week" mind you this lady had 2 of them in a storage tote with no heat or light im suprised there even alive taking them to the vet but it will be a couple weeks before they can get them in how urgent is this leg issue? any guess on what might be wrong?

04/02/16  01:07pm


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 Limp back leg


My turtle knowledge is limited, hopefully someone else on here can offer better help...However, I have seen turtles become lame on their hind legs from injury-such as being clipped by a car and the shell will squash their legs. In that sort of instance, they surprising have a good recovery as long as no breaks or other injury. Sounds like this little guy has had a ruff life before you, so there could be something else going on besides an injury-like malnutrition, infection or illness. You might want to call and check with vet and see if they have any recommendations prior to your visit or be able to move the appointment up.

04/07/16  12:42pm

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