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Ron burgundy   JEFF QUARLES  

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Ron burgundy
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 Painted Turtle not eating pellets

Hello my name is Noah and I am new to this area of the forum. Im usually in the uromastyx or crested gecko forums. I recently acquired a baby painted turtle. I have kept sliders a very long time ago and I am having a little bit of trouble getting my turtle to eat any food that is not moving. He is in a 20 long with the water kept around 75 degrees and the basking platform at around 85 degrees. He is very active, personable, and by no means shy. He eats crickets, earthworms, baby dubia roaches and chases fish quite often. But I cannot get him to eat any veggies or turtle pellets. I have tried feeding him various dark leafy greens as well as lettuce and radichio. He will take a bite but then spits it out. I also have duckweed in the tank but idk if he nibbles on it or not. Any ideas as to how I can better integrate more veggies into Gamera’s diet?

05/19/15  05:13pm


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  Message To: Ron burgundy   In reference to Message Id: 2313649

 Painted Turtle not eating pellets

I would bump his water temp up to 80. Its body temp should never be below 82-84. Anything under 80 is considered the death zone for turtles.

05/21/15  04:24pm

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