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Jackettbeardie02   Devon.Carnaxidd   Iden  

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 Tank size

I’m interested in getting a red eared slider and know how big they get. Could I start a hatchling in a 30 gallon tank? I know some day it will need a large pool and I’m planning on putting it outside in one once it gets bigger. So would it be okay?? Thanks

04/21/15  10:21am


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  Message To: Jackettbeardie02   In reference to Message Id: 2313292

 Tank size

100% fine you could problaby fit 4-5 slider hatchlings in there.... But as they get bigger about 2 turtles would fit in there

05/06/15  08:31pm


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  Message To: Devon.Carnaxidd   In reference to Message Id: 2313521

 Tank size

I have a few different tanks, I use my 10 gallon for hatchlings, if you are going to use a 30 gallon for legit hatchlings (under 2inches) then I wouldn’t fill it more than halfway with water

05/08/15  01:10am

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