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 Yellow belly turtles not basking?

I’ve just adopted two 5 year old yellow belly turtles. The previous owner gave me the tank and other equipment that they normally had.II’ve kept the temperature at 29-31 degree Celsius and fed them twice daily. They have a log to help get onto the basking spot in the same place as befor and the light is going straight across the spot and part of the water. However I have yet to see them in it at all, even when they want to chill they just sit with front legs on the log and back on the floor of the tank (actually quite cute) before I fed them I hovered some food over the spot to see if they would attempt to get up and eat it, which they did. Can someone please give any help at all?? Also will not basking affect their health and the tank he gave me is 4ft which seems a bit small to me but he says it’s fine, is this true? Thanks guys!

12/12/14  05:30am


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 Yellow belly turtles not basking?

4 feet long is fine if the cage is also 6 feet wide and about 4 feet deep. Is the log fixed in position or does it roll when they try to get on all the way? If it rolls, they might not be able to get on even if they wanted to. Also you will want a 10.0 UVB light if you don’t have one, I didn’t see anything mentioned about that. As long as the turtles are feeding they should be fine. I’d keep an eye on their skin to look for any signs of blisters or scale rot if they back legs never leave the water though.

Also, if their front can be out of the water and their back legs can touch the bottom of the enclosure, I’d increase the depth of the water too.

12/13/14  11:26am

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