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 Is this shell pyramiding and/or shell rot?

I bought this baby RES from a 99cent store in early May. The turtles were kept in tiny plastic cages and did not seem to be fed enough. However, my turtle has refused to eat for the last two weeks--I usually feed him mealworms and pellets, but he hasn’t eaten either. I’ve tried feeding him lettuce, and he will not eat that. I’m worried that he has an underlying health issue that is causing him to refuse eating. His habits have also been slightly odd, as he’s been spending most of the day in his shell, hiding behind plants in his cage with his eyes closed--it almost looks as if he’s sleeping. He currently lives in a 10 gallon tank, with plenty of fake plants to hide behind, a floating dock to bask on, as well as a filter, a couple guppies, and a frog. He currently does not have a UVB lamp.

I’ve attached photos of his shell--please let me know if he has shell pyramiding or shell rot. Thank you!

08/31/14  02:14pm


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  Message To: Vsl337   In reference to Message Id: 2309182

 Is this shell pyramiding and/or shell rot?

No, that’s not pyramiding, when there is black or discoloration between scrutes on top like that its just new growth, as for the not eating/hiding not sure, new enclosures are hard for turtles to get used to, make sure he has enough room to swim and try floating pellet food, mine love it, the only thing I can think of is that you shouldn’t put different reptiles (frog/turtle) in the same water, the have their own enzymes that irritate each others skin

09/01/14  01:47am

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