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 Help with yellow bellied slider

Hi all,

I need help making my nephew take better care of his yellow bellied slider. I’m just here in Florida for a visit, don’t have any turtles myself (I’m a dog person, have two and take very good care of them), and hate to see any creature not being well looked after. He has a young yellow bellied slider, I think he’s had it since Christmas, in a decent sized tank, with only two inches of water and a basking area in it, no filter, the tank is kept out on the lanai, and it’s Fort myers florida so it’s hot enough I think. He feeds it exclusively pellets, never gives it anything else, there are no rocks or plants in it’s tank, and all the poor thing does is hide under the bridge like basking area, or come out and beg for food when he sees you, I’ve never seen him bask. Yesterday I put more water in the tank, and he looked like he might climb up onto the basking area but didn’t.

So my questions are: Does he need plants in his tank, and what kind ?( it sounds like the pet store people are not always the best to ask).
Is a filter absolutely necessary, or can he just change the water on a more frequent schedule, and if so how often?
Should he still have a lamp to heat the little guy up at night or during the cooler months here?
Does he need rocks or sand or gravel in the bottom of the tank?

Is there anything else to be done to make the little guy happier, he just looks pathetic….

06/17/14  06:43am


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  Message To: Turtlecurious   In reference to Message Id: 2305720

 Help with yellow bellied slider

Let it go???

06/18/14  07:05am

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