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ChanMR   Lambert  

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 Rescued Yellow Bellied Slider help please?

Calling him he out of habit, could be a she. Not sure? He’s been kept in greenish, 3-4 inch water. Rarely cleaned

Got a tank cleaned out for em, a dock, uvb and heat light and filter, 20 gallon tank atm but will get 75 soon. He swims alright but seems to have a little trouble staying up. Mostly just stays docked. Not eating much of his pellet food, a few bites.

When he’s held he squirms a little but mostly hides in his shell.

Owner said he was maybe 3, 4 years old. Can anyone confirm he’s a yellow belly and what gender (if its based of tail/fingers, his fingers are small and tail is kinda tucked but not too long?), and if his underbelly should look like that? His shell looks dull and the underside is pink. Will take to vet when I find one for turtles and can afford it but any info now will help, ty

04/25/14  02:15pm


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  Message To: ChanMR   In reference to Message Id: 2304857

 Rescued Yellow Bellied Slider help please?

well for one the gender of a turtle is based on a few characteristics like size, nail size, tail distribution and other things but for sizes a female turtle is bigger than a male when they are adults. For nail size a males nails are longer than a females for mating. And for a tail distribution a males the anal hole is out of the back of the shell than a female. Check all of these characteristics to tell the gender of your turtle. Go to any kind of turtle identification guide to find out what kind of turtle it is, if it doesn’t help then ask a pet shop owner and they will tell you. For a more natural look set the tank next to a window for healthier uvb radiation with the light in their with it clean the tank more often, about once a week and make sure that the water gets over the entire portion of the shell make it at least two inches above the shell. And get another turtle about the same size and age because with nothing else in it makes the turtle board read other care sheets for more information. If you need any more information call me at 601-344-8613.

11/01/14  06:40pm

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