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 Box turtle just eating worms

ok i know this forum is dead but here it goes... ok so i bought a BEAUTIFUL male three toed box turtle about a week ago and he seems to be ok. he’s in a round enclosure about 8 feet in diameter, and he seems to like it. my only problem is that all he will eat are worms and grubs from under logs and stuff. iv tryed mixing the grated carrots and grapes and dandelion greens and all that, but he just picks the worms out. his shell is about 4 inches long.

05/02/13  11:52am


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 Box turtle just eating worms

Hmm. He might still be in the meaty stage. My eastern box turtle is about 9 years old and picky about his chow he won’t touch worm or slug or grub. Hes not a fanbof lettuce or kale but he will eat shaved carrots strawberries and chopped tomatoes. Try a strawberry. Its my experience so far that they cant resist them

05/11/13  08:50pm

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