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 Successful Map Turtle Release

I am happy to inform all of you worrying about my wild caught turtle Sheldon, that yesterday at around 1:00 I let him go in the Maremac (However you spell that) River. At first he sat and looked around, then he made a mad dash to the river and leapt in. The river was so clear I could see his tiny shell for a good 20 ft before he got too small to see. I had observed this part of the meramec River for week, and I had seen many small Map Turtles thriving, and some very large Map Turtles too! I believe he will be happier her, although I will miss him dearly...

10/08/12  08:04am


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  Message To: Jackii   In reference to Message Id: 2282397

 Successful Map Turtle Release

well thats cool. Glad it went well for the little guy or girl.

10/11/12  12:04pm

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