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Ron burgundy   Python1999  

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Ron burgundy
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 Looking for a turtle

hello im usually on the uromastyx or anole forum, i just recently got rid of some green and brown anoles and i now have an empty 30 gallon tank. i am looking for a small turtle to keep in this tank, i realize that most turtles are not in the least bit small. is there any type of turtle that gets around 3-4 inches in diameter that’s fairly common? i am not looking to house some huge tank with 10 sliders and cooters. i just want one, maybe two, small turtles :)

08/11/12  10:04pm


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  Message To: Ron burgundy   In reference to Message Id: 2276519

 Looking for a turtle

dude u should try the musk or mud turtles they only get to about 4 inches they are also easy to house
a 30 gal would be perfect for 2

08/13/12  12:33am

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