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Fire4life   Crotus  

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hi there, my musk turtles are about 4 1/2 years old, and laid an egg for the first time this afternoon. she laid it in the water. i made her a nesting box, put it in the tank so she had a place to lay the rest. she doesn’t seem to be interested in the box with dirt... I’ve read that the egg laid in water is probably bad, cause i didn’t see it right away.. I’m going to try to make a home made incubator and wondered if anyone has done this before and might have some suggestions. also, if you have any ideas about getting her to use the dirt in the nesting box... i have 3 turtles, and none of them has ever wanted to be out of the water, no matter what I’ve tried....

07/06/12  09:03pm


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What kind of tank exactly do you keep the turtles in? If you made it into an aqua-terrarium, half land and half water with easy entry & exit, then she probably would come out onto the land area when she’s laying her eggs.

07/11/12  04:07pm

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