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 Turtle issue

Heyy guys i got a red eared slider from the reptile expo on April 28th and he will only eat super worms and i have 2 fish in there and 2 little pellets and he won’t eat them. the lady i got him from has been feeding him super worms sence births had red eared sliders for 5 years and her turle did the same thing and it died so my question is... is it normal for him not to eat anything else but superworms??

05/05/12  01:30pm


Atlas 2010
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  Message To: Mk17rules   In reference to Message Id: 2265395

 Turtle issue

Give that lady a good punch in the face. Red eared sliders, like most reptiles, need a varied diet to survive. Stop feeding it superworms and just kinda starve it to eat other foods by leaving them n its enclosure and not giving it its usual superworms-however, if you see significant weight loss because he just won’t eat, then he could very well have health issues because of his limited diet, and you should see a vet.

05/06/12  03:03pm


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  Message To: Atlas 2010   In reference to Message Id: 2265473

 Turtle issue

You should consult a vet regardless, every reptile should get a vet appt at least once every year or so; Especially newer specimens due to the fact of bacteria, and certain vitamin defficiencies. I know turtles can develop vitamin A defficiency pretty easily and lose eye sight.

05/06/12  08:46pm

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