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 Found a baby turtle in the road

Hello! We almost ran over something in the middle of the road yesterday. I got out of the car and saw that it was a little baby turtle. As it was not near a pond, was about to storm and the little thing was just in the middle of the street, we brought it home and put it in an old fish tank that we have. I believe it is a painted turtle from research we have done online.

My question is, what chance does this little guy have out in the wild? It is only about the size of a quarter. One of its litter mates didn’t survive the trip accross the road.

Also, how much should a turtle this small be eating a day? Until we decide what to do, we picked up some bloodworms, and it has eaten a few (after we cut them smaller). It would not eat any turtle pellet food, it seemed to big for it to eat even though I broke it up. What else should we be feeding it?

Where would the best place be to release it? A small pond? A lake? How far do the mothers go to lay their eggs? It was such a strange place to find a baby turtle.

My daughter of course wants to keep it :) But the best place for it would be the wild, right? She is worried that it won’t survive. Any opinions? Advice?


05/04/12  08:58pm


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  Message To: Mnturtle   In reference to Message Id: 2265320

 Found a baby turtle in the road

It would be best to let it go :-) I know then are cute really cute. lol but it would just be the best to let it go. the chanced are good to survive if you can find small pond to put it in. If you throw him in a big pond/lake that are more things that will want to eat him. the rode is a VARY common place people find turtles normally then only leave water to lay eggs or to move ponds, (they normally only move ponds because of overcrowding or low food supply)

if you have another questions feel free to ask.

05/04/12  10:01pm


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  Message To: Mnturtle   In reference to Message Id: 2265320

 Found a baby turtle in the road

well, 1st let me say good for you to take the time to save our little friend
now to the hard part if you diside to release him, go back to the spot you found him/her take note of witch way it was going and put him/her off the road in the woods in the dierection it was going when you found it . if you don’t he’ll be back in the road, if he is like snapy, one trak mind .
i found a baby snaping turtle about two year’s ago .Snapy was the size of a half dollor.{now the size of a diner plate} in the road and i had to carry him home """ you now to keep him safe ’’’’ the thing is now some times i look at him all in this nice clean tank , and think why did i do this to this wounderfull criter he don’t know what he is missing out on," but i do ".
as far as food go’s break it up into smaller pices but new born’s might not eat for a while but when it get hungy it will eat
you will also need uv light , a timer for light to keep sleep patterned stright
i hope you find this helpfull

05/27/12  11:28am


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  Message To: Cbillie23   In reference to Message Id: 2267851

 Found a baby turtle in the road

Keep it cause he is a baby ( not a good chance of living )

Not a good chance of living


07/03/14  11:20am

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