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New hobby   Crotus   New hobby  

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New hobby
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 New hobby

my 3yr old female RES had 5 clutches in the spring of 2011. In early Feb 2012 she had another. Then again at the beginning of March. She is currently exhibiting the same behaviour. No appetite, and seems
hyper. She is shedding her scales as well. Her eyes are clear and she appears healthy. I put calcium
blocks in the water and keep it clean. Any thoughts?

03/13/12  05:08pm


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  Message To: New hobby   In reference to Message Id: 2258681

 New hobby

Are you giving her UV lighting for basking? It’s important for their health... if all else fails, try keeping her outside in a dappled-light area (balanced shade and sunlight) but protected from predatory animals like cats, dogs, raccoons, etc.

03/29/12  04:54pm


New hobby
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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2260594

 New hobby

thanks for your thoughts. Yes she has proper lighting and a warming lamp. Right after my post she had
four more eggs. It seems she is more fertile. She has more than adequate UV lights, I just wonder why
she has so many clutches. Her partner is a male RES several inches smaller than she. My husband
keeps the tank clean and has researched proper lighting. In between, a clutch she seems perfectly
happy. When warmer weather comes they will get to play in a warm tank of water but for now it is too
cold in Reno, nv. for outdoors activity.
Thanks again

04/04/12  10:46pm

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