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Atlas 2010
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 Box Turtle Hibernation?

I have a 6 month old Gulf-Coast box turtle that I got at a reptile expo in October. The little guy has been doing very well, eating the varied diet I give him consisting of mealworms, red wrigglers , crickets, lettuce, carrots, banana, strawberry, and other items. He likes to soak in his shallow water dish which I change every morning. The substrate I use is free-of-pesticides soil from Home Depot, which is kept very moist (but not soaking wet). I mist his tank as needed to keep the humidity level at 70%. This week we moved into a new house, and I replaced his soil. It has been getting a bit cooler, but his cage always remains in the 75-80 degrees zone. However, for the past few days, he has done nothing but bury himself in the soil; at times I couldn’t even see him. At times the temperature will drop slightly to around 70. Is he trying to hibernate? I have an undertank heater.

12/11/11  08:44am

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