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 Turtle care questions

I was just wondering what kind of habitat/food/lighting etc would be needed for a baby red-bellied turtle. Any help is much appreciated.

05/21/11  09:00pm


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  Message To: Bdluvr   In reference to Message Id: 2220305

 Turtle care questions

this is a post a made for someone with the same questions before but its all the same info i would give you

alright a few thoughts to consider first before you do purchase is how many are you going to be purchasing? in 150 gallons you could maybe house two males and a female, but that would cause stress. females grow between 10-12 inches and males get between 6-8inches. and if you planning to purchase babies theres almost no way to tell what you have until after their a year old. may i suggest looking into adopting adults, usually there between 2-5 years olds and your actually saving a turtle rather then just continuing the over production that happens with RES unfortunately. this also give you a better idea of how much space you actually have. theoretically you could put 15 babies in the tank and that would last them probably a year or two but it would be a real pain afterwards. not saying you were planning but in the past i know i have been tempted by small turtles in a very large tank and me thinking, a couple more couldn’t hurt, but eventually i becomes much more difficult. just something to be aware of

high quality pellets (IE not those cheap ones you often find in the pet stores, i personally use flukers pellets) Lettuce, Romain seems to be RES favorite, carrots, tomatoes, apples (make sure no seeds are in any of their food) fish but the must be normally guppies or minnows no goldfish they are too fatty and have no benefit, worms. calcium blocks are also something positive to add to their tank, they eat it over a week or too and it makes the water a bit healthier too.

Heating and lighting:
this is pretty simple. Heat lamp for basking (you could use just normal incandescent bulbs, i use 100watt ones, and asked the guy at the store which ones were the least efficient; rule of thumb the less efficient they are, the more heat they put out which is what you want) the basking area should be about be between 85-95 degrees, i have mine set for around 90. your also going to need a UVB bulb, this is very important for shell growth and over all health of the turtles, but remember UVB does not penetrate glass and only works between 6-20 inches depending on the wattage and size of the bulb. finally your gonna want a water heater, rated for the amount of water you have. the water should sit around 70 degrees but depending on the temperature of your house you should adjust accordingly

Water and filtration:
this is the most important part of the tank, the water needs to be high quality, i know turtles come from swamps and ditchs and ponds and you might think, they dont need good water why should these ones? well first those environments are the cause for much decline in native populations. so your going to need to fill your tank up with at least 75 gallons of water, which would be about half way for your tank, which means your going to need a filter rated for at least 90 gallons, roughly 20 more then what you have, and that doesnt mean your not gonna need to change the water regularly, probably 1-2 a month if you go with a really good filter, other wise it could be a couple times a week so i would highly suggest investing in the filter made by Fluval, i cant remember the designation for it but its a pretty good filter. i will get a product list for you. the other option is to get several smaller filter that equal up too the same 90 gallons. this is actually my preferred method because the the tank is cleaned more evenly, but it is not cheaper, it just allows for quicker water cleaning.

finally a couple of thing to not do
do not put gravel, sand, or any other crap in the bottom of the tank, the more barren the better, a couple of pieces of drift would or floating docks and the water equipment should be all that you have in your taken the rest should be left to give the turtles plenty of room to swim around. the reason i tell you to not put any sort of substrate in your tank is because the turtles will eat it and most often be unable to pass in and WILL die from impaction

any more questions i will gladly answer, this is only a very short start on what you will need to learn for RES but i have to work early in the morning and cant stay up all night writing them out lol

Product List:
heres the products i would recommend for you

100 gallon filter system (external)

heater rated for 80 gallons

UVB system, since your tank is so large it should be pretty big as well

heat lamps, you can actually get these much cheaper fromlike home depot or whatever other type of store are like that in the states, i dont really know cause i live in Canada but this style of hood lamps

floating docks, a couple of these so the turtles can choose where to bask

Flukers Turtle blend buffet:
NOTE: this isnt actually the product i was talking about you want the buffet blend but for some reason i cant find it online, i will post pictures of it tomorrow

05/23/11  02:53pm


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  Message To: Mobius118   In reference to Message Id: 2220606

 Turtle care questions

Thank you very much! I have just about all of these things already from past animals I’ve kept so I should be good :)

05/23/11  11:09pm


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  Message To: Bdluvr   In reference to Message Id: 2220686

 Turtle care questions

no problem glad to help. one thing i would like too point out is to really look into getting an adopted turtle rather then a buying one from a pet store

05/30/11  01:03pm

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