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 Looking into getting a snapping turtle got a few questions

I’ve been looking into getting a baby common snapper as my newest addition to my scaly family just looking to get a few questions answered :)
1) what will it need as the minimum size tank as an adult
2) Any particular type of substrate? I have nice gravel i could use
3) is Uva/b required
4) Are turtle pellets a must if so how often
5) finally what type of food should I provide besides feeder fish, if i should use them at all.
Could anyone show me their setups please?
Thank you very much !

05/30/11  09:29pm


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 Looking into getting a snapping turtle got a few questions

1:Average 12 to 15in, but up to 19 in that is there adult size, and the rule of thumb is 10 gal per inch of shell length. so probably when hes full grown at least a 150 gal tank or higher also you can go here…
2)the gravel is fine as long as it os cleaned and doesn’t leak chemicals in there.
3:Yes, turtles need UVB lighting. All turtles that do not have access to direct sunlight will require UVB lighting. This applies to all turtles kept indoors.
4:they are not a must but you can feed him them every so often
5:They are more aquatic than any of our native turtles other than the softshells. They rarely bask on land. Someplace in the tank should be shallow enough for the turtle to stand but still stick its nose out to breathe. The rest of the tank should be deep enough for swimming.Live food is the best. Earthworms and soft-bodied insects are great food. Small fishes can be kept in the tank for the turtle to feed itself. They also like liver dusted in bonemeal.Your filter will get quite a workout. Get the largest one you can or get used to having a cloudy, alga-filled tank.

04/27/12  06:51pm

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