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Lady Kat   Crotus  

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Lady Kat
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 Just Curious

Lady Kat here again, sorry to bother you again. I just read in the forum that you can feed crickets flake fish food. Too cool! Anyways, what about feeding them the freeze dried blood worms as well? I’m not sure if that is exactly right or not but I bought it when I got my first crown tail beta. So like I just got it at the Walmart. Plz. don’t hate me for saying that I got it at Walmart.
Just a funny thing to think about too: Have you ever noticed that most people who have cats wind up with some kind of fish to take care of too? Lol

11/07/17  10:01am


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  Message To: Lady Kat   In reference to Message Id: 2321474

 Just Curious

Hi, I think I was the one who suggested flake fish food because it has worked for me. Yes, you probably could use freeze-dried bloodworms as well, although I haven’t tried it... The pellet food that bettas eat might work also, I would imagine, although I haven’t tried it either... Suggest you give these a try as cricket food and let me know how it goes. :-)

11/07/17  01:42pm

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