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 White tree frog seems lethargic

Hi i am a new to having frogs, but i really enjoy my WTF. I am having a problem with my little Kiki and the lack of experience and knowledge drives me crazy. Starting with the problem: last week coming back from work (around 10pm usually (30 min after the little guy/girl wakes up) i find her/him still on the tree - and that has never happened before, usually she (lets just call her she for ease) waits on a puddle close to the door around this time for her snack. Not this time, still on the branch and eyes half closed (just like she usually sleeps during the day. Decided to wait a bit and took a shower, had dinner and went to check on Kiki again .... still on the tree, offered a cricked (dusted with calcium and d[something] supplement) - she happily ate it. Gave her a second one and i think she got that one as well, all of this while still on the tree barely moving from her position. Decided to leave her alone, since frogs apparently do not enjoy attention (and light, i swear Kiki is a vampire). Went out for a beer with a buddy and coming home i find the most horrifying scene - Kiki on the floor and on her back ....... ffs i pulled my heart out of my feet and shackingly picked her up, thank god its not the worse - put her in her pond and attempted to wash her back of the coconut substrate from her back (haven’t rly removed all of it, since i am afraid not to harm her even more). At 1st shes looking fine, but then i noticed she cant really get out of the pond, like there is no strength left in her, helped her a bit and she walked to the other side of the terrarium and is still staying on the bottom of the tree for 2 hours strait. I am very concerned about her health, had her for a almost 3 Mont’s and she was looking fine till recently.
Now technical part: Terrarium is 60x40x50 Sm. (3 sided glass including the doors and 3 sides net - for ventilation) Coconut substrate used on the bottom, and green mossy thing to keep humidity (recommended from the dealer)
Water bawl (pretty big for her size, but i never put more water than to cover her feet) The water i use is tap water treated with dechloro...... (sorry English is not my native), before that i was buying bottled spring water from the local store, but got recommendations NOT TO! started using the dechloro thingy around 3 weeks ago and not really sure if can have something to do with it.
Humidity i actually started dropping recently from the usual 60-80% (90++ while misting) to 50-60% also recommendations
Temp is around 26C at night and 30C+ during the day (very hot summer)
Food is primary crickets 2 every night (but recently she haven’t been eating all of them) bought her Тenebrio molitor (i think they are called - very small and tiny worms) and i give her 2-5-10 after the main meal if the crickets looks kinda small also i have the big stuff Zoophobas morio which i give not more than one per week and then feed only 1 cricket the next day Twice i gave her a green grasshopper :) I handle her 2-3 times per week, and not for more than 2-3 min (thou my grandma constantly talks to the glass waiting for the little frog to answer)
Kiki has grown maybe 3 times her size (maybe even 4) compared to when she came and was no bigger than a matchbox , but i contacted the seller to check how her 4 brothers and sisters are growing and apparently - everything is normal i cant tell if she looks bloated (since its my 1st frog) and not 100% sure - but there has not been any poop the past week - besides a fat cricket that i cant decide was it eaten or just squashed, also she seems to not be doing a great job shedding.
sorry for the long post (and bad English - but i am desperate for help).
putting liks with photos Link Link
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09/03/17  03:39pm


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  Message To: Whitegambit   In reference to Message Id: 2321182

 White tree frog seems lethargic

I don’t think switching to dechlorinated water has anything to do with it. I’d recommend using a UVB bulb through the research I did trying to help you. Due to the weakness and lethargy described, I’d guess it is a Metabolic Bone Disease, which can also be caused by the lack of a UVB bulb.

I’m sorry I haven’t replied before now, I discovered this website 2 days ago.

How’s Kiki doing now? Hope this helps...


11/19/17  03:31pm

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