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Fripthefrog   Crotus  

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 Green Tree frog Help!!

Hello! I am new here but I have a few questions about the tree frog that I have recently purchased. I alway assumed that I had a female tree from because she is super super quiet. But all the sudden one night she started croaking (only for a little bit maybe 4 or 5 croaks). Could this mean she is not a female? Or is there a reason that she would be croaking? Another thing is that I moved her to a new tank recently because her other one was too small. She started to burrow under all of her moss in this tank and has a little spot in the most that she always goes to. She comes out often though, I see her everyday. Should I be worried that she is cold? Or is it normal for her to burrow?

Let me know if you have any advice!
Frip the Frog

07/01/17  09:41pm


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 Green Tree frog Help!!

Hi, I think it’s somewhat unusual for them to burrow because they usually spend the day perched on a leaf or branch, but maybe your treefrog needed to get used to his/her new surroundings after being moved to the new tank. I have kept green treefrogs and in my experience the females are quiet whereas the males have a loud call, so I would guess that your treefrog is probably a male, especially if it is croaking loudly.

11/06/17  01:12pm

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